Bad Credit Loans

Need $1,600 - $10,000? Have a bad credit history?

bad credit loans

At My Cash Finance, we believe in second chances

We enjoy helping people with bad credit, as we believe everyone deserves a second chance. Based on your financial circumstances today, your loan may still be approved even if you have previously been in the following scenarios:

  • Multiple Defaults
  • Ex-Bankrupt

However, as responsible lenders we cannot guarantee approval for bad credit loans. Although, we will definitely try our best to assess all aspects of your current financial position, not your past.

Helping everyday Australians.

At My Cash Finance, we endeavour to help those experiencing or have experienced a rough patch. We have assisted many client with bad credit throughout Australia. We view the situation from your standpoint as we understand your needs, and will do our best to aid you in finding the right balance for your borrowing needs.

We service clients Australia-wide from NSW, VIC, ACT, QLD, NT, SA, WA to TAS. Experience the difference today.

Rebuild your Credit History with My Cash Finance.

Considering all prior credit histories.

We're different to your everyday banks. We approach bad credit differently to other lenders, we ensure that we give it our best efforts to assist you with your needs. See how we can help you today!

How can you rebuild your credit history?

Repairing a bad credit history can consist of showing future lender that you can manage loans and repayments again. However, as many banks and financial institutions won't lend to clients with bad credit, this can be difficult. My Cash Finance differs to the banks, we still consider our clients with bad credit history. If you have learnt from the past, and want to take the first steps in rebuilding your credit report, talk to us we may be able to help. (Subject to Responsible Lending criteria)

Still Unsure?

If you're unsure about whether you're eligible or not, you can find out through our easy Pre-Approval form, it only takes 5mins to complete and you'll receive an indication of your eligibility straight away. Our easy Pre-Approval process does not obligate you to proceed any further.

Find out now, take the next step in discovering your eligibility for a bad credit loan.

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