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Many people have difficulties raising enough money to pay for rental bond, particularly if the property agent requires more than a few month rent in advance. Cash Finance understands that this can be a struggle, and we can assist you by providing a suitable loan that fits your situation.

This loan is simple to apply, easy to approve and best of all you can pay-out this bond loan at anytime to save on interest.

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Loan Features

  • Pre-approve in 5 minutes (available 24/7)
  • Designed for rental bond payments
  • Easy to apply and little paperwork
  • Paying this loan becomes even easier once you get your previous rental bond back

Suitable For

  • People looking to rent/lease a property
  • Person under employment
  • Person under self-employment
  • Centrelink recipients (preferably under P/T employment)

Scenario: How can we help?

Marie had trouble getting a loan from the bank for her rental bond payment. The bank is unable to lend her the money as a result of poor income despite her good credit history. She wanted to move to a closer place of residence for work. However, without sufficient funds to pay for the rental bond it was not possible. Marie was referred by a close friend to Cash Finance. As Marie’s case was urgent, her bond loan was approved quickly by the lender.

Story provided is for example purposes and may not reflect and actual case.

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