Frequently Asked Questions

Application & Approval Process
Pre-approval is calculated based on the 4 simple fields of the pre-approval form. By being pre-approved, you have over 89% success rate of obtaining a loan (based on our statistics). No credit check is conducted during the pre-approval process.
  1. Complete our pre-approval form, and get a quick response within 5 minutes.

  2. Submit supporting documents via email or fax.

  3. We will notify you once your application is received, and keep you updated on the progress.

  4. After a quick assessment by the lender, a contract will be forwarded to you for your consideration.

  5. Sign contract, and money will be transferred to your nominated bank account.

The loans that we can arrange are easy to qualify for if you own a:

Motor vehicle (under finance OK)
Real estate property (mortgaged OK)

For more information, please refer to the following links:

Borrowing amount depends on 2 main variables:

i. your ability to repay the loan i.e. your salary minus expenses; and
ii. the market value of your asset (vehicle/property).

For a motor vehicle secured loan, up to 50% of your motor vehicle’s trade-in value may be borrowed.

For a property secured loan, in some cases loan amount may be up to 95% of the property’s market value minus any credit owing to mortgage.

Ensure the application is filled out correctly, and all required supporting documents are provided to avoid delay. Settlement before 3pm may allow the funds to be processed and transferred within the same day.

Ensure the application is filled out correctly, and all required supporting documents are provided to avoid delay. In most cases, joint applications have a higher change of approval.

After you application form is completed and supporting documents have been sent to us, your loan will be processed immediately. Following a review by the lender, a contract will be generated for your consideration. Once you accept and the contract is signed, the money will be transferred to your nominated bank account.


We have a variety of flexible repayment options to suit your needs. Simply inform us of your payment budget on your application form, and the lender will offer you a suitable repayment option with clear terms on your contract.

Personal loan - Upon loan approval, you will be provided with a competitive quote to consider before loan is drawdown.

Business loan - Interest is at approximately 2.9% - 4% per month. General loan terms span across 1 - 12 months, meaning our interest rates are relatively low compared to traditional lenders. In most cases, you can save interest by paying-out the loan early.

There are no hidden fees or charges, guaranteed. As we believe in transparency, all fees are listed in the contract.

Most of our loan products can be paid-off early at any time without penalty with the additional benefit of saving interest.

To ensure My Cash Finance is legally compliant, a credit check will be conducted on applicants only during the final review of application. If you decide not to proceed after the pre-approval, no credit check will be carried out.


Absolutely! You privacy is protected at all times. My Cash Finance operates a strict privacy policy preventing third parties or associated companies from accessing your personal information unless you give them express permission to do so.

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