Loans for People with Bad Credit History

Chances are that your credit history is not so good, that is why you are looking at this page. But don't be discourage because we can help you.

Cash Finance offer loans for both personal and business purposes.

Want to know if you are eligible?

Complete the Fast Pre-Approval Form on your right and we will let you know within 5 minutes. We work 24/ 7 to ensure you get your loan fast!


Application processes for fast loans are very easy and simple and only takes one hour to complete depending on the application complexity.

Fast Loans are designed for people in need of urgent fast loans to pay bills, consolidate debts or loans. Cash Finance application process has been innovative in our way, as traditional fast loans takes days to settle in comparison to Cash Finance’s fast loans which only need 1 hour in most cases providing documents are available and without delay on customers ends.
Why wait? Your loans can be approved in 1 hour time. So what documents do you need to apply for fast loans? Pay slip, bank statement, rego, bills, 100 points IDs are standard documents. Additional documents might be required depending on your personal situation and fast loans amount.

Bad Credit is not the key issue to apply for fast loans for bad credit people. The more documents you provide the better your chance is in getting fast loans, and receive the money that you need.

Fast Loans is different to traditional bank loans, as fast loans requires much shorter time to approve online  in contrast to banks which takes days or weeks. Loan amount for fast Loans are between one thousand to one hundred thousand dollars.

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