Fast Loans $1,600 to $10,000

When unexpected events occur, it may bring about unwanted stress. My Cash Finance, pledges to help you in these unexpected situations, whether it's large bills, wedding related expenses or car costs. We can help you.

Apply online now, for Pre-Approval results in 5 minutes. Once you have passsed Final Approval, funds are usually transferred on the same day.

About this loan

Pre-Approval time
5 minutes
Loan Term
12 months
Loan Amount
$1,600 - $10,000
  • Pay bills
  • Renew/transfer car rego
  • Business startup / cash flow
  • Holiday/Wedding
  • Short term investments
  • Others personal/business use


Weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Direct debit from nominated bank account
Based on your financial circumstances, a proposal with repayment details will be sent to you upon final approval by the lender.

Key Features

Extra repayments
Can be made at anytime
Early pay-off
Save interest (most cases)

To be eligible, you should:

  • Asset - Own a Motor Vehicle (Under finance OK) OR a Real Estate Property
  • Income - Receive at least $500 after tax a week.

(e.g. wage, business income, centrelink benefits. Note: we can not assist clients on Newstart/Youth Allowance/Austudy)
If loan is for business purposes, there is no minimum income requirement.

What happens if I don't meet the asset or the income criteria?

Simply apply with a person who meets the above criteria through our Joint Application form.

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