Australia Locations

Major operating cities:


Adelaide is the capital city of the state, South Australia. It is a founded city in 1836 where it is a villain free city. This city is also the only major city in the world where the entire CBD.


This city of Albury is situated on the northern end of Murray River and is situated on Hume highway. The city's population is 45,000 and taking into consideration the population of its twin city the total population comes out to be approximately 80,000.

Alice Spring

Alice Spring is located in the heart of Australia; it is located in the Northern Territory. With blue skies nearly all year round with fantastic landscapes and an exciting community.


Officially declared a city in 1871 Ballarat is situated in the state of Victoria, Australia. The city is situated on the band on Yarrowee River and has a population of 94,000.


Bendigo is the second largest domestic city of Australia. It is fourth densely populated city in this country. Bendigo is usually renowned for its gold mining history. Its citizens are known as Bendigonians.


Gold Coast is known for its sunny climate with popular beaches, open waterways, high-rise apartments and departments that dominates the skyline.


Bunbury is situated in Western Australia. It is a port city and is considered one of the biggest cities in the state. The city has some beautiful sites and is worth seeing in every respect.


Previously, the name of Burnie was Emu Bay in 1827 but in early 1840s this city is named after a director of Van Diemen's Land Company, William Burnie. This city has the biggest port in Australia called Burnie Port.


Canberra is an important city and it is near impossible to have no money in hands for urgent matters such as paying off some bills or buying souvenirs or gifts.


Canberra is an important city and it is near impossible to have no money in hands for urgent matters such as paying off some bills or buying souvenirs or gifts.


Darwin is the capital city located in the Northern Territory of Australia. Darwin is the most popular city in the sparsely populated Northern Territory with approximately a population of 130 000 people.


Geelong is a port city of state Victoria, Australia and is one of the most populated cities of the state. The city was established in 1836 and was named Geelong by the governor Richard Burke.

Gold Coast

Natural attractions such as rivers, rainforests, beaches, waterfalls, and mountains are all in Brisbane. With the bright sun, shining on top of you.

Hobart Tasmania

Tasmania is surrounded by water and is the home of most of the splended sandy beaches. There are many of these beaches located near the city such as Carlton beach, Long beach, Clifton beach and many more.

Latrobe Valley

This region is situated in the east of the Melbourne city. In the south, there are Strzelecki Ranges. Warragul, Moe, Morwell and Traralgon are the important centers of this area.


Famous for its many historical buildings Launceston is the ninth largest city in Australia and has a population of 107746. The city is part of state Tasmania and is located on the junction of two rivers where they combine to form a single entity.


The nickname for Mackay is the sugar capital of Australia. This city is situated on eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. Captain James Cook was the first man who visited Mackay on 1 June 1770.


Mandurah is the second largest and one of the most famous cities of Western Australia. This city is famous for aquatic and wildlife. It is known for fishing, boating activities.


Melbourne is situated in a state of Australia; just south to New South Wales named Victoria and is the capital city of it. Melbourne's city centre covers up to 37.6 square km and has a residential population of approximately 89k.


Perth is the capital city located in Western Australia and is also the largest city of Western Australia with an approximate population of 1650000.


The total estimated population of this city is 61, 724. Basically this city is considered for some government officials and management people, so many people from this city play an important role in it.


There are many attractions in the Sydney CBD which includes Sydney Chinatown and Market city in Central; Kinokuniya which is the biggest foreign bookstore.


Famous for its Gardens and commonly known as the 'Garden City' Toowoomba is located in southern Queensland and is at a distance of 127Km from Brisbane.


The city of Townsville lies on the north eastern coast of Queensland and is one of the biggest tourist attraction spots in Australia. According to 2010 census the city's population is estimated to be 196216.


Wodonga is situated in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is not one of highlighted cities of the country however city possesses its own cultural heritage and charisma.


Loans at Wollongong. And North Wollongong are the cities that have an inner city area, the CBD. The CBD is a major commercial centre that includes many different department stores, specialty shops.

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