3 Holiday Tips for Your Credit Card Safety

When you’re on holiday, taking the credit card along will help you avoid the hassles of carrying cash. But there are many things to be careful about when you’re going to use your card online or abroad to stay safe against any scams or getting charged highly for using the card. Here are some Holiday tips for you to use the card safely.

  1. Be careful about dynamic conversion of currencies

When making payments abroad using your credit card, you might be given the option of paying bill in the currency of your own country with dynamic conversion. Even though it’s convenient, there is a price associated with it. You will have to pay higher rate for exchanging currencies during dynamic conversion and that’s certainly not worth paying. It is also possible for the retailer to automatically use such conversion unless advised otherwise. Hence, it is best that you check the bill carefully prior to entering the PIN or signing anything. If dynamic conversion has been used, just ask them that you want to be billed in local currency.

  1. Keep the card safe

For your credit card safety during the holidays, make sure that you keep it safe. Here are the options you can try.

Keep the card secure – Put the card away after, you have used it every time. Do not just put it inside the pocket as it can be easily stolen from there or may easily fall out.

Never lend it out – People often get tempted to let their friend or child to use the credit card. That must be avoided completely. Keep it in your control firmly.

Fill out the receipts completely – Never leave any spaces blank on your receipts. Whether it is just your holiday haircut or you are dining out, tip section should be filled in and simply added up to the total.


  1. Consider protection while shopping online

It is important to be safe even when you shop online during the holiday season. Here are some tips you should keep in mind.

  • Only shop with the established businesses which can be easily contacted in case of any issues.
  • When using mobile device to shop online, just be sure that you’re browsing secure websites. For this, only browse addresses with “https” in their URL.
  • Do not unnecessarily share any personal information.
  • Always check the payment terms, return and refund policies, shipping costs as well as other guidelines.

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