5 Things You Should Not Be Doing At the Workplace

For making the most of your workplace experience, you should make sure that you stick to the professional practices and avoid all those things that you shouldn’t be doing in your workplace. Most of issues which you might be running into may be avoided if you know what you should and should not do at your workplace. Here are some things that you should be avoiding completely.

  1. Sending emails you’d not like your superiors to take a look at

If you’re thinking of sending something sloppy, silly, or offensive, just avoid it. If it gets into wrong hands, both yours and your company’s reputation will get hurt. Furthermore, never make assumptions that the email you are sending is private, even if you are using personal email of yours on the company Wi-Fi. It is actually not.

  1. Gossip about your co-workers

No matter what information you are spreading about the co-workers, it will only make you look worse rather than anyone else as it will be you serving the role of uncaring and nasty messenger.

  1. Spending hours on social media

Your employer is paying you so that you can be productive, not for playing Farmville or catching up with your high school friends on popular social media sites. Unless it comes under your job description, you should save all the activities on social media for break times or lunch. Also, even during those breaks, make sure that you only use your own phone instead of company’s computers to any of your personal activity.

  1. Over apologizing

All of us make mistakes at some point and confessing is always good but, in your workplace, you can make things even worse by going way too far for that. In case of minor issues, quick sorry would do just fine. And if you have really screwed things up, you should better make an apology face-to-face in private. Just talk to them, say what you have to say, and get over it.

  1. Making commitments you cannot keep

Making commitments you cannot fulfil or exaggerating about your influence or ability should be the last thing you should be doing at your workplace. Also, never lie. You should act genuine and straightforward so that your career goes smoothly. Do what you’re saying to do and help yourself grow your credibility in the workplace. People will love you and consider you as someone dependable.

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