8 Things You Can Do Between Jobs or Contracts to Boost Your Career


If you think your career is going nowhere and want to streamline things in order to boost your career, here are some of the best tips that you should consider.

  1. Self-Assessment

First thing you need to do between jobs or contracts for boosting your career is a fair assessment of your strengths as well as weaknesses. It will allow you to find out what you can do best and which areas you should not step into.

  1. Develop intent

You should have a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve in the career. Perform an evaluation of the job you are doing currently and think if it’s the best you should be doing or you need some change. Keep an eye on the long term goals that you want to achieve in your career and work towards them.

  1. Have a plan of action

You should assess all the ideas you have and set realistic objectives for yourself for coming year. Furthermore, you should have a clear plan of action that will help you to achieve all your objectives. You should have clear idea of resources that will be needed for taking desired actions and achieving the set objectives.

  1. Keep your cv updated

CV isn’t just something that you need when applying for some job. It’s a process that goes on and on. When you have an updated CV, it helps in building your confidence. Furthermore, you understand exactly how the goals that you have set for your career could be achieved. Make sure to regularly update sections like skills, experience, and profile.

  1. Keep documenting your professional development

An updated CV is just one thing that tells you about yourself. In order to have a comprehensive idea of where you stand currently, you should better take step-by-step approach towards recording, reflecting and reviewing the professional development of yours.

  1. Consider all your options

Usually, when it comes to career planning, people find it really hard to determine the jobs that will suit them best. To be fortunate, the choices available are broader than what you might have thought. Consider all the options and see if they match your preferences and values.

  1. Find your mentor

Look for someone respected in the profession they pursue and one you respect too. It will help in elevating your career. They’ll listen to you, provide their feedback and be an inspiration for you.

  1. Grab opportunities within the organization

It helps in boosting your skills and you get to learn different aspects of business. It also gives you experience that may lead to a future promotion.


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