Should you be afraid of the debt collection lawsuit?

It is not a good thing to be sued. You would be irritated, frustrated and most importantly, afraid of the lawsuit. However, as a matter of fact, you need not be afraid of the debt collection lawsuit. This is a legal way of indicating that you have a debt which you have not paid for a considerable amount of time. Do not panic the moment you see a lawsuit. At the same time, do not leave it without taking any action.

Solving the problem

The best way to solve the problem is to contact the company and pay off the debt. Ask them to remove the lawsuit. You would be given the confirmation that there is no lawsuit against you, after you pay off the debt.

It is just an allegation

Just because you are sued, it does not mean that you are doomed. It is just a document that the debt collector has submitted against you. You can deny it, if it is a false allegation. In such a case, the debt collector would provide additional information to prove that you owe money. If the debt collector cannot prove that you owe money, the case will be closed and you need not pay the amount.

They need to win

Being sued does not mean that you have lost. Unless they win, they cannot garnish your wage. It would take almost 6 months to get a trial date and thus, you have ample amount of time to collect the money.

Problems with the lawsuit

There are certain problems, when it comes to being sued. It is not a bed of roses. The court would consider that you are well-versed in all the laws and legal proceedings. Ignorance of law is not accepted. Missing deadlines and not complying with the other rules would have serious consequences.

It would take a lot of trials and hiring an attorney would be a cost incurring job. You need to be involved with the case and should be traveling to and fro the court for trials. It might even take years to complete.

You would need evidences. You cannot simply inform that you have paid off the debt or you do not owe them. Any misleading evidences would cause a lot of problems. It is always better to hire a lawyer instead of representing yourself. If the amount of money you owe is less than hiring a lawyer and travelling, then it is better to pay off.

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