An Introduction To Personal Loans

Borrowers should thoroughly understand their financial position in order to find the most affordable personal loan for them, according to Yahoo!7.

Why get a personal loan?

Personal loans can be used to consolidate a range of high interest debts into one simple, more affordable monthly payment. Credit cards currently charge between 10-23% interest and a consolidation loan can bring this down significantly. Personal loans can also be used to catch up on bills and pay for personal assets such as cars and household appliances.

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Market Forces Navigate Sea of Turmoil

Debt troubles in the US have cooled the Australian market, with the ASX 200 dipping below 5200, according to the Australian Financial Review.

Shane Oliver, an analyst for AMP, said the trading conditions as very messy. The situation is not being helped by politicians around the world adding to the uncertainty with destabilising rhetoric and policy. Markets in Hong Kong and Japan were also down 1% this week.

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How to cut down few dollars in your company power bill?

With the increasing power prices, many business owners are trying to shift to cost saving methods. Removing carbon tax had no effect on the increasing high power bills.

How are you charged?

Business units require more power than a household. The size of the business and the number of working hours determines the amount of power consumed. The business energy bills separate network charges and other on-cost from the per KW/hour rate. Continue reading

Real estates investment boom in Australia

The all time lowest interest rates in Australia have made the investors to invest heavily in the residential estates. There has been a noticeable price rise in the real estate prices by up to 5 and 3.5 percent in Sydney and Melbourne respectively, over the last quarter. According to Robert Miller, MD BIS Shrapnel, there is an increase in the investor activity by 30 percent, as compared to last year. Continue reading

Energy bills continue to pop up in Britain

Jessica Winch and Steve Hawkes of the Daily Telegraph report a rise in energy bills of the British household by an average 9.2 percent. The changes are going to take effect from 23rd of November.

SSE hikes its prices

Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) raised the gas prices by 8.4 per cent and electricity prices by 10.2 per cent. The price rise will increase the average annual bill of a duel fuel SSE customer from £1,354 to £1,460. That calculates to an annual rise of an average £106 to a British household. Continue reading

No change in the interest rates for October

Reserve bank of Australia (RBA) did not change the October cash rate from 2.50%. RBA has kept the official interest rate unchanged, for two months in a row. Experts say that there will be no more cuts. It will either be the same or it will start to rise.

Reason for constant rate

In the RBA meeting held at its headquarters in Sydney, the board has decided to keep the rate at record low of 2.5% and was partly, because of the high house price in the capital cities. The house prices started to hike after the election and the annual increase in the price is 0.5% for the five mainland states per week, accounting to 5.7% housing price rise. Sydney experienced an 8.0 % increase and Perth has the highest rise of 8.8%. The least increase in house price is seen in Adelaide with 0.1%. Continue reading