How to avoid January blues?

The way of celebrating Christmas may be different for different type of people but the common factor for everyone is the hiked spending. By January, most of the people would be worried about credit limit collapse and unpaid bills. How to avoid having January blues?


Set a concrete budget that would not eat up your whole credit limit. If the budget exceeds, try to minimize a few expenses or choose a different store to buy the presents.


Kris Kringle is a best way to save in a very large family. With Kris Kringle, each person can buy a present for the other, thereby reducing the amount of money spent on presents.

Set limits

Set a limit with the number of items in the menu, number of friends to be called and the amount of money to be spent on presents, with your family.

Talk to experts

Talk to experts who are well versed in handling big Christmas celebrations, for advice. It can be your parents, financial advisors or friends. Find how they celebrate, where they buy and how they tackle the financial burden during celebration time. A few tips in the budget would help you avoid January blues.


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