Consumers Warned Not to Overspend During Christmas Period

Dun & Bradstreet, the consumer credit bureau, has waned that financial stress could rise as the Christmas holiday period approaches. It is usual for consumer debts to accumulate during the end-of-year holiday period.

Dun & Bradstreet saw a 15% rise in debt referrals in January 2013, up from the last quarter. At the same time, the Consumer Financial Stress Index peaked at 24.9 points.

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Can professional guidance prove to be helpful for managing personal finances?

Help offered by organizations

There are quite a number of organizations or companies who excel in financial planning and they offer their expertise to people all over the world. Majorly in Australia, such corporations have been successfully helping people by educating them on how one should professionally manage his finances in order to maintain a good history of credit. Continue reading

A stitch in time can save your credit history

Benefits of time-to-time payment

Credit cards are extremely misleading and hence people in Australia have been fooled into a false sense of security due to the schemes of banks. However, the main issues that Australians face today, is on-time payment of their bills and that is an extremely important factor in maintaining an impeccable credit history. The hidden fact that people do not realize is that just paying a minimum amount every month is not enough and does not help as the duration of the payment increases. Hence, a lot of Australian people today prefer to keep paper money and deal in that itself. Continue reading

How To Achieve A Perfect Financial Life?

Those who are financially well-off usually have less to worry about. Whether it is about their child’s college fee or their wife’s demand for a diamond necklace, one needs money in order to fulfill those demands. How can one assure he always has some money in pocket to not only fill his basic needs, but also enjoy some luxuries? Continue reading

Lowering your household spending

Understanding your needs

When we talk about managing funds, the first thing that needs to be considered is lowering your household expenses. Household expenses form a major part of the overall monthly expenses and thus, we seriously need to work on this, if we wish to cut down on our monthly expenditure. Spending wisely is the need of the hour though you cannot run away from it completely. Continue reading

How to Save More at the Household?

These days, people are looking for ways to save on money. There are actually a lot of things that people can do to save money like sticking to a budget and just spending less but there are also a lot of things that people can do at the household, to cut down on expenses. Just having a good energy saving plan at home can save you quite a lot of money. Continue reading

Avoiding The Personal Fiscal Cliff

Avoiding the fiscal  cliff should be a goal most people strive to achieve. In order to achieve this, one must be conscious of their spending habits and how they could reduce this. Below are some tips that will help you in avoiding a personal fiscal cliff.


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