3 tips to effectively manage multiple credit cards

If you are one of the 34 percent Americans who keep multiple credit cards, then you must be one of those who faces challenges managing multiple bills, keeping track of balances every month. Credit cards might have made our lives easy, but it certainly comes with some drawbacks. Using multiple credit cards can be tricky so here are some tips on managing them successfully

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3 Holiday Tips for Your Credit Card Safety

When you’re on holiday, taking the credit card along will help you avoid the hassles of carrying cash. But there are many things to be careful about when you’re going to use your card online or abroad to stay safe against any scams or getting charged highly for using the card. Here are some Holiday tips for you to use the card safely.

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Having a Name Taken Off a Bad Credit Report

Those with bad credit ratings or who have their name list on a bad credit report often face a major challenge when applying for new finance or seeking refinancing for loans. Sometimes this is due to minor credit issues. While it is not always possible to have one’s name taken off a bad credit report, there are steps that every consumer can take to ensure fairness.

According to Angus Luffman, general manager of consumer risk at Veda, those who are seeking to have their name removed from a bad credit report should start by obtaining a copy of their credit file.

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Methods of planning for a decent credit history

The necessity

Currently, people all over the world prefer to rely on bank loans for purchase of expensive commodities such as automobiles, houses etc. As a result of this, the banks that issue these loans have set a number of requirements for all citizens to follow. Amongst them, a good history of financial transactions is the most important one. Continue reading

Importance of Fixing a Bad Credit History

Having a good credit history will always help you in getting the best deals for any kind of loan. However, if you do not have a good credit score, it can affect your entire lifestyle. Whether you take credit scores or credit history as a serious issue or not, it will definitely affect you in some or the other manner. Continue reading

Credit repair – a full fledge business?

Did you know that there is a whole business out there that specially caters to fixing bad credit history of people? This is not only a new chapter in people’s life but this can be very much rewarding on the whole whether you are starting out afresh on your own or have been your manager for many years. God credit history is important if you want to have choices for attaining loans in future too. Continue reading

Dealing With Unjustified Listings On Your Credit History

Many people are surprised when one or more companies, institutions or individuals turn down their application for a mortgage, car loan, personal loan or even a credit card. What is more discomforting is that most of the time there is no explanation for the refusal, which happens when a credit score is really bad. In fact, most people are unaware what a credit score is or that one exists at all. The devil of the plot may be your credit score, which is so bad that no one wants to lend you money. However, in many cases a credit score goes bad due to unjustified listings in your credit history and these mistakes result in a bad credit score due to no fault of the individual. Here is how you can deal with these unjustified listings. Continue reading

How to Correct Incorrect Listings in Your Credit History?

A person’s credit history can tell a lot about a person. Before making a loan from the bank and other financial institutions, these companies would first look into your credit history to know more about your reputation, when it comes to finances and debts. Things such as defaults can hurt your credit history. There are times, though, when people may find incorrect or questionable listing in their credit history. When this happens, it can really hurt your reputation, when it comes to things dealing with finance. Learn more about correcting these incorrect listings in your credit history and how you can find out about your credit history with this article. Continue reading