How to run a successful Airbnb

Airbnb is a great platform that broke the mold of the hospitality industry. What it previously was a monopoly dominated solely by Hotels now it is an open market for anybody with a good property willing to make money off it by lending it to tourists and travelers. There are thousands of things that an Airbnb can offer than a hotel can’t and the first one is the lowers costs to rent a room and the quality of the accommodations offered. The company is currently operating in 190 countries all over the world and almost a million listings are up for grabs each day. What can you do to join in and win some money? Glad you asked:

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Some innovative business ideas for the year 2018

In this highly competitive business world, there is a need for innovation in business ideas and formats or else a certain business may get extinct or diminished in this dynamic world.
Recycling and reuse of resources are something that many entrepreneurs are targeting through solar power windmills or through the development of Silicon Valley. As also there is the development of various technologies, software as well as websites. Continue reading