How Do Mutual Funds Work?

A mutual fund is, by definition, a collection of investment, usually stocks. The mutual funds are now very popular, as every adult who have worked into a company has one. Generally, when you have a mutual fund you get to pick one you like, and then buy shares. Also, the money manager picks the stocks he thinks will bring the best return, and you pay an annual fee for him and his services. However, there is more to know about the mutual funds. Continue reading

How to Pay Off Credit Debt?

There are thousands of banks operating worldwide. Almost all of these banks offer credit cards to their customers. The concept of credit card has been very popular. Many people have stopped using real money as carrying a credit card is easier and it takes less space in the pocket. Moreover, if you drop the card somewhere or your wallet gets stolen you have no worries as the card is password protected and it can also be turned offline by contacting the bank. So, it is the safest option for every person. You can also use credit card to get some debt. Continue reading

How to Start Dealing with Your Debt

Finding yourself with a mountain of debt can be a frightening time and it’s easy to feel that getting yourself free from debt is out of reach. While you may feel temporarily panicked, the good news is that with careful handling, debt can be easily managed – the key is to start small.

If you entered yourself into a marathon, you wouldn’t simply throw all your energy into the one day and hope for the best. You’d train yourself by starting with a small run and as your fitness improved, you’d increase the distance. Once the day of the marathon arrived, you would feel confident that you had prepared yourself and that confidence offers the motivation to finish. The same method can be applied to debt.

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How to Finance a Car?

Having your perfect dream car is not an easy task as you have to save a great deal of money which needs to be spent on it. Car purchase can be regarded as one of the big investments that need to be made for establishing yourself in society. People, who are interested in driving expensive cars often, change them every now and then, which may cause serious problems with the whole budget. Continue reading

How Our Brains Make Us Overspend and How to Stop It

We’ve all experienced a time, if not many times, when we pop to the shops to purchase a few goods only to return home with bundles of bags and a multitude of items we didn’t set out to buy. Perhaps the boss was a little extra grumpy that day or the kids were overtired. Maybe breakfast had been skipped or boredom had well and truly kicked in. Whatever the reason, overspending was the result and if it happens too often, finances can quickly dwindle.

Syble Solomon, executive coach and creator of Money Habitudes, has an acronym she believes people should always consider when out shopping: HALT.

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How to Plan for Retirement?

Many people in the society usually spend their practical life making money and spending it. They do not even care about what are they going to do when the time of their retirement comes. These people usually end up having troubles in their later retirement life. So it is a wise decision for a person to plan his retirement at a proper time. Everyone should also keep this thing in mind that there is no age limit as to when one should start acting on his retirement plan. Continue reading

How to Save Money

Saving more money is a common goal, but many people find it challenging to achieve their savings target. By setting realistic saving goals and developing good money habits, anyone can learn how to save more money.

Track what you spend

Most successful savings strategies starts with your being aware of all of your incomings and outgoings. A budget is the best way to monitor what you’re spending your money on. You can create a simple budget by downloading one of the many simple spreadsheets or word-processing templates from the Internet. Alternatively, there are apps designed to help you track your spending. Try to update and review your budget at least once every fortnight.

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