How to Correct Incorrect Listings in Your Credit History?

A person’s credit history can tell a lot about a person. Before making a loan from the bank and other financial institutions, these companies would first look into your credit history to know more about your reputation, when it comes to finances and debts. Things such as defaults can hurt your credit history. There are times, though, when people may find incorrect or questionable listing in their credit history. When this happens, it can really hurt your reputation, when it comes to things dealing with finance. Learn more about correcting these incorrect listings in your credit history and how you can find out about your credit history with this article.

Accessing Your Credit History

One of the only ways to know if there is a mistaken listing in your credit history is if you can see your own credit reports. Take note that you have the right to get a copy of your own credit report. This can be requested from the credit agency. The copy of your credit report is usually printed and given to you for free, unless you need the report right away. In that case, a fee is charged for rush printing.

You should know that only lending institutions as well as credit agencies have access to your file. If there is anything wrong with your credit report, the matter should be brought up with one of these institutions.

Before you declare something to be wrong with your credit history, make sure to double check and sum things up. Some people may complain how much they are paying without really noticing the real values of their debts and other things reflected in their credit reports.

How to Deal With the Correction in Your Credit Report?

If you have found an error in your credit report, here are a few steps that you can follow to have corrections made with your credit report.

One thing that you can do is write a formal letter to the company that has made the fallacious report. For a faster response, you may want to bring the matter to other organizations such as the document provider or the credit card agency. In the letter, you should describe clearly what and where the error was found. Once your letter is received, reviewed and confirmed, you will then be issued a new credit report with the corrections made.

Credit Listing Process

Once the company receives your letter regarding your dispute, it may take up to a month for them to respond to you. During this period, they would try to settle to problem and track where things have gone wrong. After a month or less, the company is expected to respond to you and tell you about the investigation regarding your dispute and they will also be open to your questions, if you have any. Take note that if you have not been given a response within a month or so, you can write a complaint letter addressed to the Federal Privacy Commissioner. Here, you can bring up the fact that you have not been given a response and how the situation has affected you financially.

Incorrect credit listings can really be a stressful thing to go through but always know that these things can be settled properly.

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