How to cut down few dollars in your company power bill?

With the increasing power prices, many business owners are trying to shift to cost saving methods. Removing carbon tax had no effect on the increasing high power bills.

How are you charged?

Business units require more power than a household. The size of the business and the number of working hours determines the amount of power consumed. The business energy bills separate network charges and other on-cost from the per KW/hour rate.

How to cut cost?

The lighting, climate control, computing and office equipments are the major constitute of business power. It can be reduced by the following methods.

a)      Compare the consumption history and tariff options and identify an apparent pattern, in energy usage.

b)      Understand the appliances that use more energy and upgrade to better performing and cost effective units.

c)       Avoid energy wastage by turning off equipments (fan, light etc.) overnight.

d)      Use laptops as they consume 90% less energy.

e)      Use energy efficient light bulbs and LED, to consume less energy.

f)       Run a reverse tender for energy supplier. This will drive the price down.

g)      Shift to solar power systems. They are affordable and will allow a payback in just 5 years. There is an increase in demand for solar power and energy storage products.


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