How Can I Escape Hefty Late Fees?

Fees and especially the late fees are no welcome. They can be avoided only when you make your mind that you do not look at them as insignificant; even if it is only $30, which seems nominal, avoid it. This is your hard earned money and you can buy something useful with it. If one bill has late fee and you ignore it some other bill may also contain it and you ignore it, too and it becomes something common. But this is not the right behavior. Combat your hefty late fees with the following tips and live better.

Opt for automatic payment

This is the top best way to avoid late fees that you keep your payments automatic. Without any effort to remember paying the dues, let them get deducted from your bank account. Financial matters work best with automatic system. To make it more efficient, revise the payment details sent to you to check if any fault or error is there in calculation or anything extra is added mistakenly. This is helpful in avoiding late fees.

Have reminders

Sticky notes, calendars, electronic diary and many other digital means to work as reminders are especially made to keep people remember important tasks in life. To remember your payments make a good use of any of these and it is better that you set the reminder two days earlier so that you have time to revise the payment details. If automatic payments are not sounding a reasonable option to you, go for calendar reminder. First it is free of cost, automatic payments cost you though little. In a few months you can balance all of your fees and nothing goes late.

Correct the errors

Mistakes are inevitable. Sometime you forget setting the automatic payments and some other times you thought that you will remember the date without any calendar reminder. The result comes up in the form of hefty late fees. Do not worry; learn to deal with it as it had happened. Take the path of negotiations.  Most of the companies would prefer to retain you their happy customer rather than taking a late fee as little as $30. Stress on the point that you are an old valuable customer and do not deserve to be treated this way. And do not forget to mention that it had never been in past that you had a hefty late fee.

In short the tips are very helpful and keep in mind that you have every right to fight the late fee and you can win it every time you play it right.

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