What Should I Expect From Unpaid Bills?

Everybody pays bills, and everyone knows that they come as a burden. Sometime, too many bills gather in your mail and you find yourself unable to pay them all. What should someone expect from unpaid bills? There are several ways in which the companies force you to pay the bills back, either through debt collectors or by extra taxes that add to the initial sum.

What to expect in the first place?

The most common thing that happens when the bills are not being paid is a law suit. You will be notified via a summons, which will tell you why you are being sued and the amount of money you had to pay. Also, you will find out who sued you and when to present yourself in court. This is the basic scenario to expect from unpaid bills. What should you do about it?

How to react?

When you are being sued for not paying your bills, you should go straight to an attorney. This man will be able to negotiate a settlement with the debt collector, which will bring the end to the lawsuit and avoid any trial costs. However, if the lawyer is not able to help you through a negotiation, he will represent you in court. You should get yourself a good lawyer.

How can the debt collector get the unpaid sum back?

There are many ways through which the debt collector can take the unpaid money back, but the definite thing is he would not be able to do it right away. One way to collect the money is by garnishing your wages. Your employer will be required to withhold a certain amount of money from your paychecks for a period of time. That sum of money will pay your own debt. Another way through which the debt collector will take your money is by take one of more of your assets. He can get anything, from your motorcycle to your boat or even house.

What if the bills are not yours?

If you moved in a new apartment and you found out about unpaid bills, you should confirm the date you moved in and prove that those bills do not belong to you. You are not responsible for paying other people`s bills, and you should talk to your landlord or previous apartment owner. You should also get in touch with the utility company and inform them about your problem.

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