How Government Budgets Could Impact Your Daily Life?

Whenever a new federal or state budget is announced, there certainly will be a lot of churning and in many cases; it will be a case of letting the cat, amongst the pigeons, stated Jeanne Sahadi of CNN Money. It would be interesting to have a closer look at the various ways and means by which government budgets could upset the applecart of households in more ways than one.

What Could Change In Your Daily Life?

Unless the subsidies that are given to dairy farmers continue, we could see our daily milk prices go up by almost 100%. We may end up paying almost $7 for milk which certainly will throw our monthly budgets, in total disarray. If the federal government has its way, around 1.3 million unemployed people could lose the jobless benefits that they have been receiving so far. Added to this, another 850,000 could also join the above list, within the first quarter of 2014.

Doctors Could Be Forced To Take A Pay Cut

Many of the proposals slated for implementation from 1st January 2014, if put into effect could see many doctors losing up to 25% of their salaries unless there is a broad agreement in Congress, to continue with the status quo. To top it all, if lawmakers do not reach a broad agreement, a repeat of October 2013 shutdown could still be a real danger.

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