How to run a successful Airbnb

Airbnb is a great platform that broke the mold of the hospitality industry. What it previously was a monopoly dominated solely by Hotels now it is an open market for anybody with a good property willing to make money off it by lending it to tourists and travelers. There are thousands of things that an Airbnb can offer than a hotel can’t and the first one is the lowers costs to rent a room and the quality of the accommodations offered. The company is currently operating in 190 countries all over the world and almost a million listings are up for grabs each day. What can you do to join in and win some money? Glad you asked:

1. Conquer the guest by the eyes: You might be thinking about taking some good shots of the apartment or room you are offering on the platform with your smartphone or your high powered camera. Trust us, is better if you leave the job to a professional. If you see the type of photo of the properties offered in your area you’ll quickly realize that you need to step up your game.

2. Be Ready with a selling speech: If you have multiple properties to offer in Airbnb be ready to answer a lot of questions. Potential customers really like to know every bit of detail about the room or house they are lending as well as the attention you are willing to give them or if they have to take care of everything by themselves. Be sure to make everything clear for the guest!

3. Work on your impression and your costs: Airbnb is known for how hard competitors play with their costs and the quality of their services. The more attention you devote to a customer and the lower the costs you have, you’ll have more business lining up for your place.

4. Services and Details: Be sure that your guest is aware of the times the property will be cleaned out. You may do it yourself if you want to keep maintenance costs low and if you need to keep an eye on the property. Also make sure to stock the place with things your guest will probably appreciate, like entertainment sources and food.

5. Aim for the best reviews: If you have been attentive and thoughtful with your customer, make sure to remind them to leave a good review. As you probably know, reviews are the backbone of the platform and the first thing most new customer look for when they are checking for a place in your area.