Overview of economy in 2014

Stocks are ready to rebound, housing price is reaching all time highs and jobs are becoming scarce; this is the real condition of 2013 economic status in the USA, Paul J. Lim of CNN stated. What will be the economic condition in the coming year? People need to know about it, in order to build up a portfolio of their shares and bonds and also to decide about their other investment decisions.


Economic condition is expected to accelerate, in USA, in 2014. GDP of USA is expected to expand very slowly in lieu of the average rate of growth. The performance of various economic factors would slightly improve in 2014. The first sign of revival may be marked by the resurgence in the housing sector.

Good pointers

The European economy is expended to grow by 1% in 2014 with corporate profits recovering,  faster than expected. With every new house built, three new jobs are opened up and thus, by the time, the supply and demand for houses, reach a considerable balance, the unemployment rate would be very low. The rates are predicted to rise only after the unemployment rate falls to 6.5 percent. Even if there is an enormous growth in vacancies, that would take another year.

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