Mortgage: Necessity of the hour

One of the most important sector of finance in  the Australia is Mortgage. This industry is vital aspect of the financial sector. Mostly, banks, pension funds, mortgage concerns, credit unions, insurance companies and societies provide loans. Generally, two types of mortgages are available, when it comes to rates, i.e. variable rate (where rate differs at […]

How to manage my mortgage

When you find attractive low rates offered by another lender, you can try switching to the new lender. However, you need to look into the exit fee charged by present mortgager. You also need to know how much the new mortgager will charge for arrangement, valuation and legal charges. To compete with the “Best Buy” […]

How to Finance a Property?

There is no doubt that the economy is looking up again and hence, quite a few investors in the real estate industry are flocking back to the real estate market again. Apart from some green shoots being seen here and there, there is also the advantage of low interests which also is helping these professionals […]