An Introduction To Personal Loans

Borrowers should thoroughly understand their financial position in order to find the most affordable personal loan for them, according to Yahoo!7. Why get a personal loan? Personal loans can be used to consolidate a range of high interest debts into one simple, more affordable monthly payment. Credit cards currently charge between 10-23% interest and a […]

Market Forces Navigate Sea of Turmoil

Debt troubles in the US have cooled the Australian market, with the ASX 200 dipping below 5200, according to the Australian Financial Review. Shane Oliver, an analyst for AMP, said the trading conditions as very messy. The situation is not being helped by politicians around the world adding to the uncertainty with destabilising rhetoric and […]

An Introduction to Bad Credit

A bad credit rating can come about in a range of ways, according to Yahoo!7Finance. What can affect a credit rating? Errors in personal information along with out of date information can quickly cause problems. It’s important for people to get a copy of their credit record and quickly correct out of date information.