Preparing a loan application

A loan application is a must for any loan

A loan application is a must to avail any type of loan, whether it is a home loan, car loan or an education loan. Apart from a good credit record, you should also study the various loan options available so that you can get the best deal. The best way to do this is to understand the process of loan application so that you do not make mistakes that will cost you a great deal. There are some important points that you should take care of to avoid the rejection of your loan application.

Never apply for more than you can afford

The first thing you should remember is that you should never apply for an amount of money that is more than what you really require. This is highly applicable particularly when you are filling a dream application for an amount that your financial papers indicate you cannot clear regularly. The best way to avoid your loan application from getting rejected due to such reasons is to let the lender of the loan decide how much you can really afford for borrowing and repay on a monthly basis. Instead of searching for a dream home first and then applying for a loan, it is always better to review your financial capacity first, analyze your position, discuss your possibilities with your financial advisors and determine how much you can really afford. Then you should get the loan application approved for the decided amount and look for a house that fits in the sanctioned credit limit and is similar to your dream home.

Submit all documents and develop some technical understanding

Another important point to remember is that you should study the documents that need to be produced for a loan application. You will need you bank account and investment statements, pay stubs, address proofs of current and past residential locations and papers of your tax returns. If you go in a hurry to apply for a loan and leave out any of the important documents, you waste your own time and that of the lender. Also, testing his or her patience can land you in trouble. All this may result in your loan application getting rejected.

It is also important to familiarize yourself with some terminology and technical terms that are associated with the loan application process. It helps you to get a good understanding of the process and assists you to negotiate for a better deal. If you are absolutely unfamiliar with this, you will not understand what the lender is saying and the person will get frustrated as his or her time is wasted. This may lead to rejection of your loan application.

Be aware of the risks associated

You should also be aware of the term period in which you have to repay the loan amount, the risks implied and the responsibilities each one involved in the process has to carry out. You should also ask for an estimate of the closing amount so that you have a clear idea of what is at stake while repaying the loan.

If you are self-employed, it can create problems while submitting the loan application. You need more papers than your paychecks, should be paid on commissions and have at least 25% of the business share.


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