How to reduce your energy bill?

Even though the energy bill is not as high as the mortgage or the insurance, a small dip in the energy bill can help you to save a lot for closing your mortgage or paying off your insurance. This article talks about the methods to reduce the energy bills.


There is a 17.6% increase in the gas price which is expected to increase the bill from $150 to $225. With the rise in the cost of the traditional fuel, it is better to shift to solar energy. The customers can save up to 80%, with the help of the solar panels.


Insulating the house might look like a costly process. Insulation can help the customer save up to 40%, during all the seasons. During the summer season, it would help to reduce the utilization of the air conditioning system and in winter, it does not allow the room heat to escape into the environment, helping to reduce the energy required by the heater.


Shop around and check whether you have the best service provider. If not, do think about switching to the competitors. There are a lot of small companies which provide services, at a cheaper cost. Your energy bill not only has the amount of energy that you have spent, but also the cost incurred by the company to supply your house, with energy. This supply cost would vary from one company to the other. The customers are also charged based on how much they use at the peak time, the type of meter and many other factors.  Ask your supplier whether they have bill smoothing available.

Beer fridge

The beer fridge accounts for 30% of the monthly energy bill. Thus, it is better to use the normal fridge for your alcohol storage. An old fridge can increase the energy consumption by 60%. Thus, if your fridge is older than 10 years, it is better to change it.

Halogen light

The halogen light that we use, burn a lot of energy. It also gives too much heat. It is better to replace them with LED light. Make sure that there is no considerable gap between the light and the ceiling.

Make sure that the computer is shut down when not in use. A computer in, ‘sleep mode’ or ‘idle mode’ would also pull in more energy. Using conventional oven to heat the room is more efficient and there are a lot of tips which would help you to save a considerable amount.

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