How to save money without involving complex processes?

Most of the money saving techniques would have accounts, interest rates, share markets and other complex processes. This article talks about simpler and easier steps to save a few more bucks.

Shop ahead

If you are planning to buy a dress for a holiday or a season, do it well before the event happens. By that time, the cloth would be out of trend and would be of lesser cost. For example, buying relaxed denim in this season would cost less than waiting for the right season to buy it. You can use hukk option to pin the items in the internet. When the item goes on sale, the people who have hunkked it would get an email alert. Using hukk option saves an average of $44 per transaction.

Discount movie tickets

There are a lot of websites where one can buy discounted movie tickets. Buying bulk tickets from the theatre chains would reduce the cost by 30%. With the consideration of the number movies seen per year, this would come out to be a very big amount.

Avoid bank and ATM fees

Use surcharge free ATMs, be on time with your credit card payments and other bills to avoid unwanted fees. There are a lot of apps which would help you to keep track of your payments and also to locate surcharge free ATMs, for both Apple and Android devices.

Self help

Learn to fix your electrical appliances, patio and sew small adjustments in your cloths. This would save a lot more money, than, one can imagine. Learn to drill nails and buy a small started handyman kit which would help you to create a small home improvement process with very low overheads.

Talk down your insurance bill

You can save a lot of money by asking about the right plan and discount. Mention any upgrades you have made which would have you a secured customer to your insurance agent. This will save a lot, in terms of premium. Adding an experienced driver to your car insurance would reduce your premium. Installing smoke detector, high security system and other improvements which would increase the security of the building. This can save up to 20% on the premium. This would be a huge amount, when seen in a bigger picture of 10-20 years.

These tips do not require high knowledge or financial education. These tips can be followed by all and can help them save a lot of money.

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