Struggling For Basics – Plight Of Many Californians

Even providing for basics such as food, housing, education and other needs is slowly but steadily becoming a big problem for many Californians, states Shan Li of LA Times. According to some figures just released by California Budget Project has highlighted some startling facts; for just surviving and meeting the basic needs a family of four with two children, a single working parent in California needs an annual income of around $61,000, which works out to around $29.00 per hour. This is much higher than the median wage of $19.00 per hour.

Some More Disturbing Facts

Parents spend a significant amount of their earnings, towards education of their children. A family having two school or college going children, would need an average salary of around $36 which is far below the average salary that are being earned by vast majority of Californians. Even a single person who wishes to have the basic in his or her life would need around $33,000 which translates into an hourly wage of around $15.69.

Life Certainly Is Not Going To Be Easy

The struggle that many Californian households face could be attributed to increased housing costs, coupled with abnormal increases in child education expenses. In most cases, almost 25% to 30% of the annual incomes are spent of child care and education.

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