Understanding Australia’s Financing Opportunities

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) operating with a limited cash flow are in need of funding support.

The Organisation for Economic Development and Co-operation conducts an annual report that addresses the availability of financing to SMEs.

The report found that a lack of available funding is still the major obstacle for SMEs around the globe.

The latest OECD Small Business Financing survey, and the conspicuous absence of Australian data, may cost Australian SMEs.

Without compiling the data for submission to the OECD, the only avenue for analysis on SME loans is through Reserve Bank figures. Presently the Reserve Bank compiles a broad summary of lending conditions for all financial organisations, grouping loan activity by loan size. The smallest category of loan studied by the Reserve Bank is the ‘Under $2 million’ category.

There is a lot of room for enhancing the analysis of loan activity for Australian SMEs.


Source: http://www.smartcompany.com.au/the-fast-lane/055204-why-is-australia-missing-in-the-most-recent-oecd-report-on-sme-financing.html

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