USD 177,000 – Yes, This Is the Average Inheritance of Americans

Though $ 177,000 inheritance that an average American might look good at first sight, it certainly compares very poorly with other developed countries in the world. According to Blake Ellis of CNN Money, they are ranked 6th in the list and are not so very well off, when compared to Australians who leave behind around $500,000 as inheritance for their next generation. The survey was conducted by HSBC and covered around 16,000 people in 15 countries.

Even Singapore Is Ahead Of USA

Though being 6th in the list is without doubt not a mean achievement, this has to be looked against the backdrop of the huge gap that exists, when compared to countries like Singapore. For example, an average Singapore national leaves behind around $371,000 which certainly is almost double than the amount is left behind by Americans. Countries like Taiwan, France and United Kingdom are ahead of this country

Ready to Give Away Their Fortunes

However, the brighter side of this article is that most of the people who are leaving behind such fortunes are ready to leave it behind to their offspring. In percentage terms, it works to around 56%, which is much less, when compared to wealthy Indians, 86% of whom are ready to leave behind their wealth to their offspring.

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