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Where is Albury

This city of Albury is situated on the northern end of Murray River and is situated on Hume highway. The city's population is 45,000 and taking into consideration the population of its twin city the total population comes out to be approximately 80,000. The city's altitude is 147Km from the sea level.

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History of Albury

The first man to visit the site was recorded way back to 1810. The next series of settlements were done by Europeans imitating dwelling activity in the city. The trend soon got spread and lot of people moved into the site by 1850. The real development of the city began in 1870 with construction work pacing up and several towns and municipal committees being formed. The most important of the construction was formation of railway station and railway line which opened up the city's link with other cities and real trade and exchange of culture started. The railway line was laid in 1871.

The city is composed of number of sub-divisions. First division is named central business division is the area where major business activity is carried with several shopping malls and business offices. The second division is named Forest Hill and is located on the northern end of the city. The hospital of Albury lies in this area and a monument named the Great War Memorial is also situated here. The largest division of Albury is Lavington. The suburb was given its named in 1910 and was officially included in the City's territory in 1950 by the local government. Apart from major divisions there are some small suburbs or outskirts of the city which are mostly residential area and are considered rural face of the city. The residential areas are clearly classified by a special system adopted and developed specially for Albury. The system operates by taking into consideration the coordinates of central spot of the city.

Introducing Albury

Agriculture, printing, and automotive companies contribute towards the economy. ION automotive company was responsible for providing most of the employment with numbers as high as 1100. A popular pizza chain is also present in the city with braches all over the country. The ratio of unemployment is almost extinct with personal loans and private loans not required.

There are several public and private schools in Albury. A branch of Charles Stuart University is also situated in the city's premises. All affairs regarding education are managed by New South Wales department of Education.

The most played and anticipated game of the city is Football. The football league is the biggest sporting event attracting some 15000 spectators. Other sports include Rugby, Volleyball and cricket, recently rowing and basketball have also been among the played games in the city. For recreational purposes there are some parks and gardens in the city depicting natural beauty. The city like most others cities of Australia, promotes performing arts and has some theatres that have been in operation for quite a long time now.

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