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Officially declared a city in 1871 Ballarat is situated in the state of Victoria, Australia. The city is situated on the band on Yarrowee River and has a population of 94,000. Ballarat is regarded as one of the most populous city in the state and is home to some of the spectacular buildings in Australia with rich heritage.

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History of Ballarat

Ballarat possess interesting history. It was established as a sheep town and later saw some progress when gold was discovered in 1850. The discovery of gold opened a new era in the city's history and lot of people moved into the place and population rose to 20,000. The gold era was made prominent by the introduction of new innovations in mining techniques. Soon the sheep city was transformed into major activity hub. Ballarat is also marked by only rebellion in the Australia's history named as Eureka Rebellion. Nineteenth century of the city was marked by decline and 20th century was the era when the city was somehow given a new life.

Ballarat has diverse geographical features including hills, lakes and some forests. The city is situated on volcanic range and has rich and fertile soil due to volcanic activity in the past. Most of the lakes of the city have been created artificially and are responsible for providing the city with fresh water for daily use. 90% of the city's land is used for residential and urban development purposes.

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Ballarat has four seasons in a year and is marked by high temperatures in summers with temperatures going above 30 and 40 degrees Celsius I summer. The interesting feature of the land is it faces both flooding and drought. August is the season that faces most rainfall. Because it is located at an altitude of 435m above the ground level Ballarat faces lower temperatures in winters in comparison to other cities. Snowfall is observed once a year but in mostly urban areas. The highest temperature to be recorded in the history of city was 44 degree Celsius in 2007.

Economy of the city is marked by tourism, education, manufacturing and professional services. City has vast employment opportunities and provides more than half of its residents with jobs. The result is major economic boom in the city. There are lots of Malls in the city both indoor and outdoor. Some incorporate more than 100 traders. Tourism is also one the contributing factors in Ballarat. Sovereign Hill open air museum is one of the biggest in the world and is responsible for attracting most tourists round the world. Ballarat's tourism industry contributes more than 15% to the city's economy. Personal loan firms are also in operation round the city however the ratio of cash loans sought has been low in the recent years. City's educational institutes invite international students through foreign exchange program and are contributing in developing a rich culture among the people.

There are some worth seeing places in Ballarat. They include Railway Station building, Mechanic's Institute and Coffee Palace.

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