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Bendigo is the second largest domestic city of Australia. It is fourth densely populated city in this country. Bendigo is usually renowned for its gold mining history. Its citizens are known as Bendigonians.

This city was named after nickname of a famous boxer Shepherd. Bendigo is mostly known for its gold mining. Early, this city was occupied by Dja Wrung people who were considered as powerful, best hunters and physically developed. In 1951 gold was discovered at The Rock on Bendigo Creek. Approx. 22 million ounces of gold have been produced by its goldmines. There were many conflicts between the trespassers and homeless people. In 1853, there was huge protest against the gold license fee and it?s method of collection.

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Geographic of Bendigo

Bendigo is situated at 150Km North West of Melbourne and near the center of the state geographically. This city is covering the area of approx. 3000 square kilo meters.

Bendigo has warm, dry and sometimes mild temperature. It sometime experience cold breezes due to oceanic climate. It usually rains between April and October. Bendigo was once hit with tremendous flood back in 1859 and 1903. It was also affected by heavy fire in 2009 which burnt almost 500 hectares of the land.

This city owns some famous historic cultures like Bendigo Art Gallery which is the oldest and largest art gallery across the region. Princess Charlene had a visit there in March 2012 at the opening of an exhibition. This city hosts the Bendigo National Swap Meet event every year in November in which people throughout the world participates and it also hosts the Bendigo Queer Film Festival which is an annual film festival.

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If we come to media, Bendigo hosts six radio channels including Star FM, 3BO FM and five television stations. It is also served by two newspapers The Advertiser and Bendigo Weekly.

Cricket and Australian Rules football is the most famous sports in Bendigo. It also has its own Bendigo Football League, a local competition. It hosts and organizes world?s richest professional 400m running race called Black Opal which is held in March every year. Besides, Bendigo is also known for tennis, swimming, basketball, volleyball.

Bendigo economy majorly depends on tourism as it generated over a $364 million in 2008/09. Its famous places are Central Deborah Gold Mine, Bendigo Tramways and the Golden Dragon Museum.

Tourism contributes a lot in the economy of Bendigo. This city has a main role in provincial stock exchange of Australia, Bendigo Stock Exchange. Banks of Bendigo provides easy personal loans with affordable terms. Many banks and financial firms are offering cash loans on easy installments.

Bendigo serves the major portion of railways for northern Victoria including Bendigo railway line. This city has its own airport named Bendigo Airport which is situated on the Middle Highway to the north of the city. Trams in Bendigo served as the best and effective source of public transport but later on it was restricted for tourists only.

In 1869, a large ornamental lake, Lake Weroona was inaugurated. This city has some famous gardens and places including Rosalind Park.

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