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Bunbury is situated in Western Australia. It is a port city and is considered one of the biggest cities in the state. The city has some beautiful sites and is worth seeing in every respect.

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The land was discovered and first seen by a French explorer in year 1803. Later on maps were developed for the area and dwellers started settling in. By 1898 the population grew up to 3000. The development of the railway station and consequent track were the turning point in the history of the city. Later on in 1983 that station was replace by a new station and that was an attempt to replace Perth in importance and let Bunbury rise as the major city however it was a political move and was soon buried by the efforts of the local administration. The King Cottage museum stands as the historical monument which belonged to the royal family. However it was purchased by the government and declared a state property.

The city is located 75 Km south west of Perth which is the state capital. It lies on the Basin of Collie River. It is also in close vicinity to Madurah.

Economically the city has been rated as the fastest in terms of progress. It even surpassed Perth in recent years due to vast amount of economic activity going around. Bunbury has some sister cities in Japan and China. Recently a new restaurant was built around the area contributing to the tourism activity in the area. The rate at which personal loans and cash loans are provided needs to be revised as these are often overlooked by the firms. The City is divided into several sub-divisions and is centrally controlled by Bunbery local Administration.

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Being a port city has its effects and the same effects are observed in its climate. The climate in Bunbury is marked by Mediterranean effects. Like other cities of the state the city has coldest weather in August and Hottest in December. The temperature ratings are like 29 degrees Celsius in summer and 11 degrees Celsius in winter. Rainfall is average and snowfall is quite rare.

As mentioned earlier the transportation activity in the area was initiated by the development of Railways. The thing went on and now after becoming a developed city of the state the transportation facilities of Bunbury include buses, trains and airplanes. Recently a flyover has been built that provides direct route to two important junctions of the city. Coach Service is the most widely used service by the locals.

Various television channels are being broadcasted in the city and radio stations like 96.5 and 97.3 are among the most listened and anticipated radio frequencies in Bunbury. Australian Broadcasting service is the major broadcasting partner with the government channels. Recently a new television service has been started by GWN and Win broadcasters. The sporting activity in the regions is Football and Cricket. Other sports like rugby and basketball are also becoming popular among the masses. However skateboarding and other activities like rowing are seen by the people as competition activities. Major leagues and tournaments not only provide entertainment but also are a source of great income to the city.

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