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Cairns lies on the north eastern side of Australian continent and on the south east side of Queensland. The city has a population of 146477 according to July 2011 survey. Some of the city?s area is placed on flood plains and is populated at all. The city lies 2700KM away from Sydney.

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Cairns was not established as a main city rather it was developed for the miners on their way to the mining fields. However city faced a reasonable decline in its residence and activities when an alternate shortcut way was found towards the mining area. The city was named after William Wellington Cairns. during pre-world war period the city was just a passage and temporary residence for the workers however world war started some new avenues for the city and it served as airbase to the US and Australian air force and navy as well.

Cairns lies in a tropical region and experience the same weather. Two rivers flow through the city and a rainforest is among the tourist attraction. Unlike other cities of Queensland this city experiences more rainfall than most of them and annual recorded rainfall is highest. Its summer is categorized as humid and higher temperatures. Due to high rain percentages during the recent years the city is often faced with flooding. The area has been under some aggressive cyclone activity from 1997 to 2011. Maximum recorded temperature is 29 while lowest is 20 degrees which shows a mild weather and not very harsh climatic conditions.

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Tourist spot and commercial centers in this city servers as fourth most vital contributors to the country?s economy. Close proximity to the Barrier Reef and Tropics make it a tourist attraction and attract as many tourists per annually as other big cities. Shopping centers and commercial offices also add to the charisma of Cairns. The city has s sugar mill and a hydro-electric power station. There are some television stations and radio stations to entertain the dwellers.

The city is governed by a mayor and 10 counselors elected through public voting after regular interval of time. The city contributes three seats in the Queensland parliament. The government is quite efficient and has been very effective in increasing the employment rate due to which cash loans and personal loans had been taken on the lower side.

Education system is quite effective with several primary, secondary and high schools operated by department of education. There is a separate system for public and private schooling. 6 of the city?s biggest schools are located in rural side of the city to provide equal learning to everyone.

Cairns transportation facilities include buses, trains, trams and airplanes. The airport which was established during the world war served a great deal in making this city a tourist spot allowing people from all over the world to visit the tropical Havana. The city also has a sea port. It is a major trade point and serves as a transport to take the tourist to the barrier reef point.

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