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Introducing Geelong

Geelong is a port city of state Victoria, Australia and is one of the most populated cities of the state. The city was established in 1836 and was named Geelong by the governor Richard Burke. The city lays 75KM south-west of Melbourne. The city's population is thought to be 184583 according to 2010 census.

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Geographic of Geelong

The city's discovery is marked by series of exploration quests marked by Army officials before it was finally declared a British territory. During early 1850's gold was discovered in Geelong causing a significant increase in population and it rose to 25000. The real progress of the city started with the construction work in 1852. The first significant construction was a hospital followed by railway track, Port and subsequent passage channels. The famous Bright & Hitchcock departmental store was opened in 1864.

The business activities in Geelong started with a woolen mill and then proceeded on towards bigger things like shipping channel and vine industry that prospered and made Geelong a center for economic activity.

Geelong gained its status as a city officially in 1910. Electricity, Transportation, some departmental stores and other services were also started in the city. By 1936 Geelong was Victoria's second most advanced city and had replaced Balart from the status.

Geelong lies on the shore of Corio Bay. A river named Barwon flows amidst the city and the clear skyline adds to the beauty of the city. Bellarine Hills lies to the east of the city. To the west are plains of Barrabool hills. North side of the city is surrounded by some volcanic ranges.

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Overall weather conditions of Geelong shows stable weather pattern. The area sees four weathers in a year. January is the hottest day unlikely and July is the coldest. The annual rainfall is recorded 520mm which is small enough to categorize Geelong as the driest city in Australia. Overall climate of the city can be described as being an area with temperate weather.

The city is divided into 12 wards and each ward is controlled and represented by a counselor. Ward elections are held once every four years. Going into federal structure the city of Geelong falls in two divisions 1) Division of Corio 2) Division of Corang Amite. The area is dominated by Australian Labor Party.

Geelong is home to various businesses and a lot of small industries working in the city. Ford Motor Company is the most notable of the industries in the region. The banks do a pretty good job and provide cash loans to the customers. However due to vast amount of economic activity going round the city the percentage of personal loans taken by the customers had been relatively low.

Geelong is also home to a number of festivals that go round the year. Royal Geelong Show, Family day and Heritage Festival are some of the events organized. Vigex is a photographic event that is organized on an international level and was first held in 1980. The city hosts various Night clubs and pubs. Some noted musician like Barry Crocker and Magic Dirt adds to its significance.

The city has to its name the second oldest newspaper in Australia Geelong Advertiser that started publishing in 1860. The city receives cable network from various broadcasters and radio has also been in service for quite a long time now.

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