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Introduction to Latrobe Valley

Latrobe Valley is named after the river Latrobe River.

This region is situated in the east of the Melbourne city. In the south, there are Strzelecki Ranges. Warragul, Moe, Morwell and Traralgon are the important centers of this area.

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This place has moist climate with heavy rainfall. Latrobe Valley has usually mild temperature with sometimes snow falling and frost. The average temperature recorded for summers in this place is between 12.5C to 26.4C which is usually the month of February. For the cold season, the average temperature recorded is between 3.6C to 13.5C. The average of rainfall recorded is 800mm which is mostly in winter season.

This Valley deals almost with every needs of human life. It has a lot business in agriculture and industrial zone. Power plant is working in this valley which generates 85% of the electricity for Victoria. It has business of paper making, pulp making, dairy farms, food industries and engineering sectors. Latrobe Valley provides almost every kind of items and needs to Victoria City and its other neighborhoods. The electricity industry burns Lignite for the production of energy which is then transferred to Victoria City. It is now a center of Victoria's Energy Industry.

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About The City

This city is connected to Melbourne through Princes Freeway and railway line. The railway line has it major stops during the way like Moe, Morwell. There is also inter valley train and bus service which provides a good transport between the important places inside the valley through stations. There is also an airport called Latrobe Valley Airport which is located approx. 2 hours' drive from east Melbourne.

Education is a big sector of this valley. Approx. 7400 people are at Gippsland Campus, Monash University from which there are nearly 700 thousand students and 400 staff members.

Although Australian football is very much developed as many of its cities have their own football clubs. This valley also has interest in football. Approx. 30 players have been played from this land into different leagues conducted in Australia and other cities. The odd thing is that Latrobe Valley does not have any football club or team, yet it is participating in this contest as a home. Many players from this valley have participated in different national level tournaments like TAC Cup under 18's competition. Three players have won that competition from this land.

This place has full range over all types of media like e-media, print media. Latrobe Valley Express and Warragul Gazette are the newspapers from this place. The radio stations like Star FM and 3GG were the most famous radio stations. On television, there were many commercials which are from Latrobe Valley and are seen in many cities and countries. News channels have played vital role in promoting the facts and figures of this valley to the outer world. One HD, 7mate, GEM are some of the channels.

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