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Famous for its many historical buildings Launceston is the ninth largest city in Australia and has a population of 107746. The city is part of state Tasmania and is located on the junction of two rivers where they combine to form a single entity. The city was first set up in 1806.

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The land saw its first visitor in 1798 when two officials from Britain were sent to explore the land. Launceston was set up as a small resting place for some army brigade in 1804. The set up went on and by 1827 the population grew up to 2000 people. The real economic boom in the area started with the discovery of tin in the northern parts of the land and soon Gold mining was started. The city was second to be given the status after Hobart in Tasmania.

Launceston lies in the Northern parts of Tasmania in Tamar valley. History depicts that the land was formed as a result of volcanic activity causing plates to give birth to this city. The city is a combination of some high and low lands which causes drainage problems and flooding in the rainy season. Atmospheric conditions are such that the air is very susceptible to air pollution caused mainly by heaters and automobiles. However the region has done well to control it in recent years. The city is surrounded by some mountain and hills.

Geographic of the city

As mentioned earlier the city is surrounded by some hills and that causes abrupt changes in weather pattern. Launceston has four seasons and overall climate is temperate. July is the coldest while December is the hottest month of the calendar. The lowest average temperature had been 6.5 Degrees in the recent years while highest has been 18.5 degrees. Metrology department announced year 2007 as the warmest in the history. Launceston rarely receives snowfall and winters are marked by windless and foggy mornings.

Launceston is a big tourist attraction inviting people from UK and USA round the year. The biggest attraction is Cataract Gorge which is home the world's largest chairlift route having length of 308 meters. The city also has some parks and Tasmanian zoo is famous for its wildlife and camping space. Queen Victoria museum, aquatic center and a golf course adds to the sites this city offers. Launceston host some music festivals round the year.

The city is an economic center for the state of Tasmania. It had been contributing to the economy via apple production and pastoring. However the trend has shifted towards wool in the recent years. The city also host some fine loan firms like Oakshot, CJ Weedon and Co and PB Nominee that are providing personal loans and cash loans to the customers.

The most popular recreational activity in the city of Launceston includes Cricket and football. The land has produced some spectacular cricketers which include former Australian captain Ricky Ponting and a retired cricketer David Boon serving as a selector now.

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