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Facts of Mackay

The nickname for Mackay is the sugar capital of Australia. This city is situated on eastern coast of Queensland, Australia.

Captain James Cook was the first man who visited Mackay on 1 June 1770. He named several land and paces at that time such as Cape Palmerstone, Slade Point and Cape Hillsborough.

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It is located 970 kilometers north of Brisbane, 390 kilometer from Townsville and 21st parallel south on the banks of Pioneer River. Estimated population in this city is 74,219 and still rising. On June 14, 1943, there was a huge aircraft B17 accident which resulted in huge loss of lives.

The atmosphere of this city is humid subtropical. The average high temperature recorded is 27.1C and the average low temperature is 17.8C. Mackay was hit by a Tropical Cyclone which caused a heavy damage to people and the city. On February 15, 2008, this city was heavy flooded twice resulting a huge loss of lives.

Mackay contributes a lot in the economy of Australia. It added $15.4 billion to the economy of Australia. Besides tourism, trading of sugar and the business over coal production boosted this city's economy by a huge percentage.

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About Mackay

Many cities of Australia have successful trade over mining business. They have large amount mining business. This city deals with coal mining and in fact it deals with the only largest coal industry in Australia with 34 coal mines working producing over 100 million tons per year. These mines set a huge business and many companies have participated in it. Easy transport increased the value of this business as there are railway lines, major highways and Hay Point coal terminals.

As mentioned above, Mackay is also known as 'sugar capital' of Australia. This business started back in 19th century and expanded a lot. Private firms were developed by the time to come into this. But latterly there companies were shut downed except four companies from which Pleystowe is the longest running industry. Plans are being made to use this production of sugar cane for different resources like energy. Power can be generated from the sugar cane. It can also produce fuel. This work highly depends upon the price of export. Better they get, better they produce.

This city has some famous places like Eungella National Park, the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays Island. If we compare Mackay to other cities of Australia, this city is still developing with respect to tourism and visitors. Since 2000, there is an increment of nearly 1 million to the visitors which prefer to stay for a night. This city also possesses marine industry which is nearly the most active industry in the district.

Mackay has quite a fame in rugby as its team Mackay Cutters played the Queensland Cup in 2008. This city also has soccer team called Whitsunday Miners Football Club which takes part in Queensland State League.

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