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Mandurah is the second largest and one of the most famous cities of Western Australia. This city is famous for aquatic and wildlife. It is known for fishing, boating activities.

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This city was named by Europeans. In 1898, the total population of this city was 160 people. As this city was newly established, it was governed by external board named Murray Road Board until 1949. This its own board was established named as Mandurah Road Board. But due to conflict among the people over this board, this committee was seized and Mandurah was under control of Commissioner Richard Rushton. Lately, the board was redeveloped on 26 April, 1960.

As Australia has a history of mining and almost every city has a role in it no matter major or less. This city is known for bauxite mining as well as alumina refining in the towns of Pinjarra and Wagerup. Mandurah has world's largest mine Huntly Mine located in Pinjarra.

This city is situated approx. 72 kilometers of south state capital, Perth, 10188 kilometers north from Bunbury, 18 kilometers North West of Pinjarra and 18 kilometers south of Rockingham. It covers almost 106.6 km2. This city has a link to Indian Ocean and is surrounded by Peel Inlet and Harvey Estuary. This city is situated in Swan Coastal Plain ecoregion.

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This city has almost same climate as the south state capital, Perth has. Mandurah has typical climate as there is cool breeze in winters and warm climate in summers. 850mm rain is recorded per year. There are also storms, heavy rainfalls, wild winds and specially tornados which makes this city one of the windiest cities in Australia. Few summer storms also hit Mandurah including three severe thunderstorms. The highest temperature recorded is 41C and average high is 23C. Its lowest temperature is 0.6C and average low is 12.7C.

This city's economy greatly rely upon tourism, construction, transportation. This city has strong retail market as five famous shopping areas. Trading is also a key to its economy. Mining also helps in the economy of this city.

This city has good ratios of taxes and loans as most of the banks give personal loans. There are more than 50 companies in Mandurah which are offering cash loans.

A road is served by Transperth which connects city to Perth with 11 bus routes and a railway line named Mandurah railway line which takes almost 50 minutes to drive from Mandurah to Perth. Between 1985 and 1986, the Mandurah Estuary Bridge was constructed. Another path was made to connect Indian Ocean and Peel Inlet. There is a direct link from Mandjoogoordap Drive to Kwinana Freeway.

This city is popular for golf. There are golf courses such as Mandurah Country Club, Meadow Springs Golf Club, and Secret Harbour. Beaches are quite famous here especially Blue Ray, Doddis Beach and Mandurah Beach.

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