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Brief introduction to Rockhampton

The city of Rockhampton is located 636 km north west of Brisbane, approx. 40 km from Mouth River and on Fitzroy River.

The total estimated population of this city is 61, 724. Basically this city is considered for some government officials and management people, so many people from this city play an important role in it.

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History of Rockhampton

In 1853, European Archer brothers visited this place looked for some vital indications on this land. Then they developed the route of shipping and travelling from this place to outside world. With the passage of time, many people started settling there and latterly this city was known as Rockhampton. This city started making much advancement by then such as publishing its very own newspapers and news channels which promoted about this city a lot.

The mayor of this city is Margaret Strelow. Rockhampton Regional Council rules over this city. Public choose the mayor among themselves and the elections are held after every four years.

Rockhampton has most of its trading and business over agriculture, crop cultivation. These items are traded over the highways and the railway lines which are in some meaning, generating revenue for this city. Tourism is also supporting economy of this city as it has many worth seeing places like zoo, museum and famous gardens

Personal loans in Rockhampton

Besides, banks and other firms also support this city and invest on it. This gives chance to people to get ease for their financial problems. Banks are giving insurance policies, investment plans, personal loans, cash loans, home security which made the life their refreshing.

Climate of this city is hot. It is far away from monsoon area and high area. So it has a humid weather. There are huge cyclones and thunderstorms as all the conditions for these disasters match in this perfectly. This city was hit by flood many times and the worst among them was in 1918 in which the water level reached to 33.2ft. Recent floods in 2010-2011 Queensland led this city to face severe difficulties as the sea species crocodiles and snakes came into Rockhampton. The highest recorded temperature per year is 45.3C and the average high temperature is 28.3C. The recorded lowest temperature is -1C and the average recorded low temperature is 16.6. There is total 804.8mm of rainfall per year.

The transport system of Rockhampton acts as a backbone of Central Queensland region. This city has connection to most of the city of Australia directly or indirectly. Many highways connects different cities and acts as a connection between different stations and places inside the city. Rocky Cabs is one of the major company which also offer services in EMU Park and Yeppoon. Rockhampton airport is one of the busiest airport of the Australia.

There are many facilities and recreational places in this city like shopping centers, health centers, education centers and gardens. Rockhampton Zoo has many kinds of new animal and birds including koalas, cassowary, and saltwater crocodile. Kershaw Gardens is one of the oldest gardens which is famous for its plants and greenery.

This city of Rockhampton has the biggest hospital in Central Queensland region.

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