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Facts of Townsville

The city of Townsville lies on the north eastern coast of Queensland and is one of the biggest tourist attraction spots in Australia. According to 2010 census the city's population is estimated to be 196216. It is of the main business points in Queensland and serves as unofficial capital to the state. Townsville hosts a beautiful beach, riverfront and a museum.

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The origin of Townsville

The land was first seen by Captain James in 1770. The first Europeans to visit the city were a botanist and an explorer in 1819. The start of World War 2 made the city a major activity point for the troops and some 50000 American and Australian troops resided in the city. During this era some major construction was done in the area and some of the remains are still in place.

Townsville is kind of an isolated city with nearest city 1500KM away. The city is mainly a coastal city with diverse land features. The city is mainly a dry land. The city lies 1300Km away from the Brisbane city towards the North of Queensland.

As mentioned earlier the city is a dry land with annual of 91 days of rains. The city comes under some cyclone attack rating category 4 however they don't cause much damage as majority of the population lives away from the danger zone. The bright sunshine and sub-tropical savannas attract tourists from all over the world. December is the hottest month while July is the coldest.

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The city of Townsville is not behind the big cities when it comes to economy. According to some survey in 2004 there were more than 11000 businesses in the city and the number of employed people keeps on rising with time. Some industries and tourist spot add to its income. The public loans have been on the lower sides however banks do a pretty good job if needed to provide cash loans and personal loans to the needy. The city holds some of the best research centers and Marine Life University is among the notes names. The city is only in the world to be able to refine multiple metals at a time. They include copper, nickel and zinc.

The city is a cultural hub with lots of festivals and musical events going round the year. The Australian Festival of Music is organized every year on an international level. Music centers that can host more than 5000 audiences encourage cultural fest and environment amongst the locals. The city hosts various discos, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants.

Townsville is facilitated with public transport and some highways that connect the city with other cities. Some railway stations and an airport also add to transportation in Townsville.

The major sporting activities in the city include Basket Ball, Rugby and football. Some stadiums and basketball stadiums adds to the cities sporting and recreational lifestyle. City has tennis clubs and a rowing facility along the riverside.

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