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Where Wodonga is

Wodonga is situated in the state of Victoria, Australia. It is not one of highlighted cities of the country however city possesses its own cultural heritage and charisma. City's population is 31,000. The name of the city was once changed to Belvoir but it was again reverted to Wodonga later. It is one of the twin cities in Wodonga-Albury collaboration. It is located alongside Murray River. The city lies 300Km away from Melbourne which is the state capital. The city's monument includes the War memorial and the water tower that is no more in use.

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The social life in Wodonga

The economy of Wodonga is composed mainly of small industries. These industries include food processing factory, logistic factory, hydraulic equipment and a cardboard factory. The city is also home to an Army base and training center. Personal loans and cash loans are much in trend in the city and banking is quite free from such infrastructure.

Several government and private schools have been in operation in Wodonga for quite a long time now. Recently in 2005 three former public schools were merged to form a bigger entity and it was named as Wodonga Senior Secondary College. The number of private schools in Wodonga is seven. The department of Wodonga Higher education looks after higher education issues and has opened university that offers courses in different fields like biology, social sciences and technology. Wodonga is also home to performing arts schools which not only focus on education but trains there student in performing arts as well depending on the interest level.

Personal loans in Wodonga

The transportation facilities of Wodonga include railways, buses, motorbikes and airplanes. City has number of highways that connect the city to Sydney and Melbourne alike which are the closest cities. A local company runs a bus service for local transportation. It has been observed that the city's population don't use too much of the local transport due to short distance and prefer bicycle for such short distances. An airport was constructed recently which carries short flights to Sydney, Melbourne and other big cities.

The federal government is held by Liberal Party of Australia and city contributes one member to the party. As far as Local government is concerned it is also dominated by the Liberal party of Australia and has been continuing the streak from 2007 onwards.

The newspaper published in Wodonga is Daily Mail and is printed in both Albury and current city. As far as Television is concerned, despite being away from the major cities Wodonga has access to all major television channels and a bulletin is broadcasted daily highlighting the happenings and activities of the twin city network. The broadcast is conducted by Channel 9 network. Wodonga also has some radio stations in operation and currently have three in operation. The ABC network carry out regular morning and evening shows. The shows are listened in both the cities. As a whole the radio advertisement market of Albury and Wodonga is same. Typical radio frequency includes 104.9, 105.7, 103.3 and 87.6 FM.

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