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We are not always prepared for the unexpected, and things can become overwhelming if no one is around to help. My Cash Finance can provide you with an easy personal loan for your urgent needs. With our fast personal loans, you can solve your financial problems such as paying urgent bills, pay for car repairs, and much more. Get yourself pre-approved, and start solving your problems with our quick personal loans today.

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Are you eligible?

To be eligible for finance, you should own a motor vehicle (financed OK), or a real estate property (mortgaged OK) with sufficient income to repay this loan.

If you do not meet the requirements, you can apply with a person who does through a joint application. However, we would consider providing you with an unsecured loan for business purposes at the moment. Contact us and find out more.

Types of finance

There are many different types of personal loans on the market. Some lenders are able to offer loans that are unsecured in Australia, whilst some only allow secured lending. Depending on your situation, providing security may be the better option as it will allow for lower interest than unsecured loans. It is critical to understand the difference before moving forward.

Furthermore, short term personal loans may be a good option for people that only need cash for a short period and are able to repay the credit within a few months duration. Whilst many brokers do not offer short term lending, many borrowers only need a loan for a very short period of time. For this reason, My Cash Finance offers short term loans, sourced from the right lender to help people in need for solving urgent problems and those wishing to gain quick results.

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We provide loan service on personal lending. Loans may be one of the best low rate fringe loans.

My Cash Finance acts as a lender for products listed and they are subject to availability. Please contact us if you are uncertain about the right product for you. We take no liability on content shown, please consult your legal and financial adviser before making any financial decision.
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