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Cash Finance understands raising children is not only hard work, it?s also financially expensive too. So we did some research about government benefit that can assist your family specially in such difficult financial economic condition. One of the payments available to help some families with the cost of rising kids is the Family Tax Benefit. It?s split into Part A, which is available to all families that meet the criteria and Part B, which is extra assistance for single parents and families with one main income.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible you have to have at least 35% care of a dependent child who is under 21 or a full time student aged 21 to 24. The child must not also receive income over a certain limit. Residency is also required. Other requirements apply.

How much can I get?

Varies from $151.34 to $196.84 for each dependant.

How do I claim?

Visit Family Assistance Office (FAO) at and

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