Money Smart Videos

Meet Uncle Bill and Professor Morgan. They have bothagreed to tell you all the secrets to money management tips they know. Check out the videos.

How you can save on Mother's Day!

Are you looking to get your mum a Mother's Day gift but don't want to overspend? Uncle Bill gives you some nice gift inexpensive giving tips!

Start investing in your child's future!

It's time for you to start investing in your children's financial future. Watch the video to find out how!

Assured methods to saving more money!

Part 2 to the money saving videos. Learn some assured methods to saving more money!

Sure-fire ways to save more money!

Having trouble saving money? Learn some sure-fire ways on how you can achieve this goal!

Stop overspending! Certain tips to defeat the nasty habit

If you've just been on a shopping spree and found yourself with a ton of credit card debts, Uncle Bill can help you!

How do I check and dispute my credit record?

Is your credit record filed as a bad credit record? Get a more extensive look at what common issues there are with credit record listings and what you can dispute!

What is bad credit?

Have you ever gotten a bad credit record but are unsure why or how it happened? Watch this video and find out the most common reasons for having bad credit.

How to get your free credit record

Want a free copy of your credit record? Watch this video to find out how! Learn the basics to what is commonly found on credit records.

Understanding the basics to credit records

Not knowing how to examine your credit record can bring a negative effect to your personal financial life. Learn the basics to how you can improve your lifestyle!

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